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Joey Montana

Joey Montana, whose real name is Edgardo Antonio Miranda Beiro, hails from the province of Chiriqui, a gulf that lies to the west on the Caribbean coast of Panamá....

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Joey Montana, whose real name is Edgardo Antonio Miranda Beiro, hails from the province of Chiriqui, a gulf that lies to the west on the Caribbean coast of Panamá.

Montana was a devoted fan of the Puerto Rican rapper, Vico C. he recalls collecting the artist’s cassettes so he could learn and perform the lyrics at school with friends as a hobby. One day, Montana realized that through the power of music, he could express his many emotions and began to imagine himself as an artist who could make a difference with his music as artists he admired have done in the past.

The first release from La Factoria (The Factory) had great impact in many Latin markets; however, only the best among the vocalists were invited to participate in a tour in 2000 with the first date starting with Colombia. Among those lucky enough to participate was "MC Joey," as Montana was known at that time. As a result of the many positive experiences from the tour, the group embarked on a major promotion tour with visits in countries like Mexico, the United States and Ecuador. Other highlights include participating in major events such as Premios Oye, and sharing the stage as the opening act for A-List artists, including Paulina Rubio and Alejandro Fernandez.

By 2004, Montana felt it was necessary to make a change and decided to leave the group to begin a solo career. After a concert in Houston, Texas, Montana was fortunate enough to make the right contacts to take a new career path, but now as a soloist. Once settled in the lone star state, Montana quickly began recording his first album. He recorded duets with Angel Lopez, the former lead singer of Son By 4. The tracks were called "No lo vuelvo a hacer" and "Que Dios te castigue".

In 2007, Montana realized he had to return to his native Panama to start "from scratch" and to proceed with a project he visualized in his mind. In this new phase of his developing career, he met his compatriot Victor Delgado, aka "Predikador", a music producer who became instrumental in Montana’s career. Both conceived a plan of attack and nothing was left to chance. They thought carefully about how to make a name for themselves in the urban world without assuming poses or trends.

Armed with ten years of experience, Montana is gearing up for the release of his second solo album entitled, Flow With Class. This album has a youthful feel, but it also touches on real issues. Fans can look forward to great romantic themes and dance songs. The first single, "Tus ojos no me ven,” has been added to playlists at radio stations throughout the U.S., South America and Central American gaining heavy rotation.

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