Alberto is 21 years-old, the oldest in the group and the voice of wisdom and experience. He isn’t handsome but he is charming and talkative enough to make up for it. He sings and



Camilo is 19 years old, the richest of the group. He only dresses with name brands and shows off his money any chance he can get. He’s a party animal, irresponsible, rebellious



Connie is 19 years old, young and sexy with a perfect body and a beautiful face. Her presence attracts all those around her, not only because of her physical beauty but because of



Ely is 19 years old, tall, thin and beautiful. She turns heads everywhere she goes, not only with her beauty but with her fun-loving personality. She’s a party animal, a lover of



Fabio is 19 years old and by far the nerdiest of the crew. Like the stereotypical nerd, he has a face full of pimples and a brain full of all the mathematic formulas that ever



Joseph is 20 years-old, rough around the edges, muscular, handsome and tattooed all over. He is intimidating yet reserved, which often makes him seem like he’s no fun. The truth



Piedad is 18 years old, the youngest of the group, but by far the most experienced. She’s a true sex bomb, with a body to make any boy melt, long, luxurious hair and sinfully



Zuniga is 20 years old, tall and thin. He doesn’t have Joseph’s muscles or Camilo’s good looks, but he has a certain charm that attracts his friends. His personality varies, he


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