Meet las 'Niñas Mal'

Adela Huerta Alba

Rebellious, argumentative and not one to take no for an answer. She lost her mother and has a rocky relationship with her father, Senator Martin Huerta. Every time she acts out or ...

Greta Domenechi Wurtz

Demure, modest and governed by rules. She was raised by a conservative, traditional family, and has a long-term boyfriend, Kike, the son of a powerful businessman. They mutually ...

Nina Sandoval

Capricious, spoiled and selfish. At the age of five she began to take her first steps into the limelight and now she is the queen of pop. Her mother puts a lot of pressure on her ...

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Meet the three lead characters of Niñas Mal, Adela, Greta and Nina. They just might steal your heart.

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