Hispanic Heritage Month is here, which means it’s time to celebrate la cultura. But rather than focus on the same celebs you hear about every year, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to a few Latino up-and-comers. Victoria and Luz Pavon may not be household names yet, but with their unique fashion sense, these hermana clothing designers are primed to set the runway on fire.

Born in Mexico City, Victoria and Luz have a great way of complementing each other. At 24, Victoria is the older of the two and the self-described "perfectionist." 19-year-old Luz is still too young to legally drink, but she definitely knows her way around a fabric shop. Her free-spirited style and outgoing personality have put the sisters on the radar of several famous faces.

PAVON is the name of the New York fashion house that they launched back in the late 2000’s. And though their business has only been in operation for less than two years, it’s already attracted clientele like Nicki Minaj and Kanye West.

The sisters started their fashion passions in Madrid. There, they studied the art of outerwear and worked under several notable clothing designers. But, as Luz explained, their fascination with fabrics goes all the way back to their childhood. The Pavons had an uncle who worked for Adidas and they credit him with first introducing them to the technical side of the business.

But of course, the ladies say their biggest influence happens to be pop culture itself. "We take inspiration from movies, famous icons, singers, even packaging from soda cans," Victoria said. 'Our biggest influence comes from everything from the 1960’s to the 1990’s.'

Check out the PAVON website and you’ll see exactly what they mean. The girls’ newest line includes spandex dresses straight out of Jennifer Lopez’s "Fly Girl" years, surf-inspired tube skirts, and leggings decked out with heavy neon designs.

Part of what makes PAVON so attractive is its sheer originality. Victoria and Luz have created a look unlike anything else on the market (and at a reasonable price to boot). In fact, the PAVON designs have become so popular, the sisters are now selling their products in London, Italy, Australia, and even Japan.

Of course, with great success comes a lot of imitation. But as Luz explained, they are not worried about fashion house copycats. "We have been seeing people copying our dresses a lot," she said. "But it doesn’t matter to us because no matter how hard they try, they’ll never be the same as what we’re doing."

And the hermanas have got plenty of big ideas planned for PAVON’s future. They’ve already branched out into producing, work as consultants on music videos, and even do a bit of modeling on the side.

When asked about sharing advice with other young fashion gurus, Victoria said, "It’s important to not forget where you came from. Our family is the most important element of our lives. They encouraged us to never give up and always put out our best effort in everything we do."

You can check out Victoria and Luz’s handiwork by visiting PavonNYC.com.

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